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  • Atlantic.com collection

    From 2010 - 2013 Werbach acted as the Sustainability Correspondent for Atlantic.com — the online arm of the venerable American literary magazine founded in 1857.
    The Atlantic
  • Common Assets Defense Fund

    Werbach co-founded Common Assets Defense Fund with the mission of promoting the concept of the “commons,” our shared resources.
    Common Assets Defense Fund
  • In These Times writing collection

    Werbach wrote a series of essays for In These times focused on contemporary environmental issues. His 2003 piece The Liquidation of the Commons was named as one the Top 10 Censored stories of 2003-2004 by Project Censored. In it, Werbach decried the historic and "wholesale give-away of American public assets" under the administration of President G.W. Bush.
    In These Times writing
  • Greenpeace International Board

    Adam served two terms on the Greenpeace International Board.
    Adam Werbach an Environmental Activist
  • Guardian Collection

    Throughout his years in public, Werbach has made frequent appearances — both as a contributor and as subject of articles and interviews — at the Guardian in London.
    Guardian Collection
  • Act Now, Apologize Later

    A call to arms for environmentalists, and a defense of the innate value of nature.
    Act Now Apologize Later
  • Young Global Leader

    In 2011, Werbach became a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.
    World Economic Forum
  • Saatchi S

    Werbach's sustainability media company.
    Saatchi S